Solar Street Light System

playground outwood solar lightingSolar Street Lights provide excellent lighting for different applications. Power is generated through Solar Panels and stored in batteries. The smart controller turns the lights on at dusk and turn it off at dawn.







Unique Features

  • Smart Controller allows programmable settings
  • Uses ultra efficient LED lights
  • Installs anywhere!
  • No electricity bill!
  • Custom designed solutions for large and unique requirements

solar-street outwoodTypical Applications

  • Parks & playgrounds
  • Streets
  • Beaches
  • Parking lots
  • Estate Homes
  • Farms
  • Walking paths
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Rural market centers.

Smart Controller
The brain of our system is the fully programmable smart controller. The controller can be programmed.

  • The controller turns the lamp on at dusk and turns it off at dawn, this means that no seasonal re-programming is required
  • Users can set Lumen value to define dusk
  • Up to three different time slots can be set with automatic dimming. For example you can set the system to work at full power for the first 4 hours, half power for the next 4 hours and two-thirds power for the last 4 hours
  • The system can also be programmed to dim the lamp automatically when the battery voltage drops
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